Cajun phrases that you probably don’t know – we’ve got 5 phrases and their meanings – many of which we can still use today!

Fais Do Do

(pronounced fay doe doe)
You may know this as a dance, but did you know it comes from parents whispering ‘fait do do’ (go to sleep) to their children, so they could join in the late-night dancing?

Pauvre Bête

(pronounced pove-bet)
Roughly translates to “poor thing.” It is commonly used as an endearing term, though it is also used to show pity. Think of it as the Cajun “Bless her heart.”


(pronounced free-sons)
The frissons basically translate to the chills or goosebumps. When you look up the real French definition it means “a shudder or shiver; thrill.”

Thinking of schooling-at-home next year gives me the frissons!


(pronounced coo yawn)
A foolish person.
Need we say more?


(pronounced poe said)
A bad, mischievous child.
The kind of child that is around you when you’re Zooming an important meeting! The literal translation is possessed.