Business Attorney

Whether you are starting your own business, running a family business, or have a business that is part of an Estate, we can help. If you own a business, it is also imperative that you develop a business succession plan so that your loved ones, customers or clients, and employees are cared for in case of your death. It is impossible to list all of the legal issues that may arise in a business, but here are a few of the most common areas where we can help you and your business.

Representing Business In Front of Governmental Agencies or Litigation

We can help your business if you need representation in court or in front of any of the Governmental Agencies, such as the EEOC, Workers’ Compensation Commission, or Department of Employment Security (“Unemployment”).  Just give me a call to discuss your situation.

Business Succession Plan

If you own a business, you owe it to your loved ones, customers and clients, as well as your employees, to have a business succession plan. It is also important to have this in place to plan for your retirement or sale of your business. We can develop a business succession plan tailored especially for you and your business circumstances.

Construction Litigation

Anyone who has built a home or building, from the owner’s side or the builder’s side, probably knows that it seems very easy for something to go wrong in the process. I have represented commercial builders and craftsmen, as well as homeowners, during litigation over construction defect claims and contract disputes over payments. If you find yourself with such problems, please give us a call to discuss it and to learn your legal options in the situation.

Business Formation and Development

From Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Non-Profits, to Corporations, we can advise you and help you decide on which business entity would be most appropriate for your circumstances. Once you decide on your legal entity, we can prepare and file the necessary documents to form your entity, draft proper contracts and agreements, or advise and represent you on employment issues in your business.


Commercial/Business Litigation and Collections

Whether it is a breached contract or an adverse situation with an employee, we can provide you with legal advice on how to handle the situation and represent you in litigation. I have been on both sides of litigation, defending a company who has been sued and bringing a lawsuit to recover damage for a business; so, whatever your business is facing, we can help. It is also a necessary part of your business for your company to get paid for its work; therefore, we can pursue actions to collect debts on your behalf.

Dissolving Businesses

Just as businesses must be formed to operate, sometimes they must be dissolved to wind up or end operations. We can provide assistance in dissolving businesses, including when such a business is part of an Estate.


About Us

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