My job is to solve problems or protect people so that problems do not develop. Technically, I represent clients. But what does that mean?

Just as an example, this week I have

  • Helped an elderly man who had his daughter-in-law attempt to use this isolation period to grab an emergency order to control his assets, despite his lack of dementia.
  • Advised another client on how to protect their interest in a multi-million dollar estate.
  • Assisted grieving families by opening estates after the loss of their loved ones.
  • Helped Grandparents to obtain Guardianship for their Grandson to keep him safe, living with them, and in school.
  • Assisted clients in negotiating property settlement agreements in divorces and helped clients to protect their assets so that the assets are available for them by planning for unexpected circumstances and death when drafting Trusts and Last Wills and Testaments.
  • Of course, when legal disputes arise, I also represent clients in lawsuits in court, which is the way that most people envision us.

I am an attorney with my own office called Coastwide Law LLC on Courthouse Rd. in Gulfport, MS and New Orleans, LA. We shut down the office temporarily to thoroughly clean and install equipment for Zoom meetings. I am happy to report that we have reopened this week!

I am happy to be back and seeing clients again!